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GYPTIAN lyrics : "Bring It On"

[Verse 1:]
Just The Other Day,Said I Ran Into This Beautiful Lady.She Ask Ma My Name And Told Her Its Gyptian,
Immediaity She Said Boy I Gatta Give U Somthing,From Her Body

And I Said Baby Quickly.She Said ,Don't Want You Tell Nobody
That I Give It To You So Easy
I Said With Me Baby You Don't Need To Worry.

[Chorus: x2]
She Said Ohhhhh Ahhhhhhh

She Never Felt So Rite
I Said Yes My Baby
Bring It On Me Tonight

[Verse 2:]
Woman Of My Dreams Has Become Reality, Out Of Myself Conciousness

And Imortality.I'm The Happiest Man In The Worl Because I Have You For My Girl And I Promise You My Baby,I'm Gonna Take On Tours Around The World.


[Verse 3:]
Just The Other Day Said I Ran Into The Beautiful Lady She Ask Me My Name And I Told Her It's Gyptian

Immediatly She Said Boy I Gatta Give You Something From Her Body And I Said Baby Quickly She Said Don't Want You To Tell Nobody That I Gave It To So Easy I Said Wit Me Baby You Dont Need To Worry

She Said Ooooooooooh Never Felt So Right

I Said Yeeeeeeees Bring It On Gyptian Tonight

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