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GYN lyrics : "Whoa Whoa"

[[Intro - Satan]]
Is it recording?..
Is it recording?..

Is it recording now?...
Is it recording?.. (4x)

[[Verse 1 - Gyn]]
Bumping oldies with my rock rock flees

Staring at them double D's & shop shop greens
Kick back & relax with a couple black hearts
Throw up then rush off to the closest open Wal-Mart

Damn what a $#[email protected] night, blared visions off the $#[email protected] lights
Higher than the Rite-Aid kites, lower than the mighty mites
Sippin off that gloen glue, $#[email protected] including you

Senses in making like a Brad pit pit
Cut shorts, Active socks & a Hundreds fit (fit)
Keep me lit, if not $#[email protected] you & your %#@!

Get away from me & heat 'em frozen nips
I want you but $#[email protected] you, kiss my lips


[Verse 2]

Ash Gang mother$#[email protected] hotter than your average joe
Pop a no, kill a crow, listen hoe
Whoa, whoa, I'm doing good now

Whoa, whoa, I'm living good now
Cash on the table & ash on the floor
Crosses on the wall & blood on the door

Whoa, whoa I'm doing good now
Whoa, whoa I'm living good now
I hate when I start to give a $#[email protected]

But I bunk up & start to live it up
Kush rolled up, nothing jagged & bad
Look at me, $#[email protected] sick, weird & ragged..

[Outro - Satan]
$#[email protected] yeah, alright

All you mother$#[email protected] are gonna $#[email protected] flip out
When December's here.. (yeah)
It's gonna $#[email protected] rule

Alright, keep up with me..
At "i" .. 'Gerald' .. & an extra 'D'


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