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Gwyllion lyrics : "Angelheart"

Look at me Angelheart
You are a demon feeding on disguise in me
A lullaby of lists

Awaken though remain in peace

Goodbye my leading hand

A guidance to whatever would turn bad in me
The open wound of light
A detaining cold $$#embled fear

Look at me Angelheart
Might I deceive the features that you found in me

A world of sadness and
Mistaken though forever free

Goodbye my leading hand
Remain in memories and hide those tears for me
As clear as it can be

My angel born, my prophecy

My mind

Is undetecting thee
For I elevate
This dream, it seems for real

But a voice alerts
That it's gonna be the end of all I know

It is a story passing by my side
It is a worry, for now I am without

It feels like I'm already gone
My ashes finally are there where they belong
My remains fly away so far

Tonight I'm sleeping with the stars

Don't you cry boy

My life goes on
Say goodbye boy
The tale remains untold

Oh my Angelheart
Don't ever forget me

Goodbye my leading hand
Born in mystery

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa