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I've come as far as I can make it on my own
If I give up, all will be lost
I've spent all my life holding back these tears

It's time to let them go

I'm scared I can't do this on my own

But no one ever said a word about being alone
I fail to see your presence here
I'm with you, I'm with you!

Been faced with death before, I hate it's beauty

This light grows brighter
This light's too much to take
We'll take this world by storm

They won't stand a freakin' chance

As sweet as solidarity sounds

It's but a thick black cloud
That fills your lungs and flies away

Into the sky that you don't believe exists
But my God does exist
And He shed His precious blood

So you could understand love

Into the sky that you don't believe

This does exist

Palms to the sky, this is my confession

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa