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While I wait
Today's the day for approach
Today's the day that I give for the first time

Inside there's nothing else for me
Inside there's nothing else

Where else could I go to find myself?
I'm heading out where I belong

I'll take a step...
I'll make a step...
I'll take a step for truth

I'll make a step for my life

Inside there's nothing

We'll break our necks so we won't look back

I am free
If killing yourself is the way to change
Let's go to war

And in all of this
All I wanted was peace

Just silence now
What is this I see?

I'll call this bet with my own life
Was this even for me?
Just past the edge

A simple move to make
(But complication's spreading fast)
My hands begin to shake

And in all of this
All I wanted was peace

I close my eyes and feel the water just beneath my feet

Step out onto the water

Stop staring at the waves

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa