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GWAR lyrics : "We Kill Everything"

In the hulking halls of hatred where the Master makes his throne
Within the "ass"-teroid belt where his body floats
alone his mind begins to wander the worm begins to turn all life

he must now squander the universe must burn
He plans eternal war, as the eternal way
But there is a force - which he must now obey

Time and the events within, chronicles of hate and sin
Everything, it has a start, but the end is always the best part
Our quest - to find the broken bits

Put them back and make them fit
And once that we have read the end
The tablet will blow up again [X4]

And we'll kill everything [X3]
Including ourselves
Summoning the Master

Call his form most vile
Champing mass of questing flesh
Protoplasmic pile

Ancient hunger, never filled until the universe is killed
The endless host of merging soul
Sucked into the feeding hole

Guts and giblets cascade down
Rectal midgets, flattened ground
Please pay attention to the plot

As I kick out this monster's snot
Splitting skulls and raking ribs,
Trephinated drainage sieve

Protruding mass of reeking bile
Which forms infected booger pile
Assemble now the tablet

Hope that it's not Braille
Bring forth now the Master
So we can end this tale

And we'll kill everything [X3]
Especially ourselves
Transmogrify your plasmic swarm

Evaporate before time's storm
And dedicate your life to [email protected]$^
And dedicate your life to [email protected]$^

You think that life has a reason?
You think your god has a soul?
I bare my bum to the heavens I think a head is a hole.

And we'll kill everything [X3]
Including ourselves

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