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GWAR lyrics : "War Toy"

Churning through the bestial muck.
A cosmic forklift rules my throbbing
asshole. The All-Eye says you are the

right slave--to be my [email protected]#^ knave--
tongue in my [email protected]#^ cave--Boy!! You're just
a war-toy--Just my little [email protected]#^ butter

boy. Oh I'm so filled with joy. Now I
know glee. 50 million hosebags every
day. They die for me to have my way. Surely

it is their deaths they seek, to brave
my [email protected]#^ reek--Cause I'm so
glad he is among us--I'm so glad he

is a fungus--I'm so glad--He is among
us--Philled condoms--My
nipples explode!!!! You're just a

war toy. Let's all go drink and kill
and fart. Yeah sure it's fun, but is
it art? The All-Eye sees the butt

disease. Humanity--is on their knees
with little boys...

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