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GWAR lyrics : "War Is All We Know"

They came from the sun
From the east, from the west all around
So fate's die is cast

They marshaled their forces and found us at last
So it's come to this
The child is the destroyer

The young god comes to slay


Son kill the father
For blackness is all that i crave

Shells explode across my hide
Take me death, i am your slave
For i don't have soul

And i don't have a heart
Come then and face me
But first you must suffer my wrath

Hatred of all things alive
War is all we know

They say war is a last resort
For me it's the only way

I have tried reading their poetry
It suits me better to slay
All that i touch seems to break in my hands

Then it just bursts into flames
The piteous pleadings as innocents die
Only an odor remains

So burn the bitter butter
Prepare the murder machines
Bring me my scabbard, my halberd, my hauberk

Fetch me my enchanted greaves
My walls they are melting
The drugs they aren't helping

Is it time for the old gods to die?
To arms is the only cry

Hatred of all things alive
War is all we know
The humans must feast on their gods

We know it $#[email protected] blows

Hatred is a seed that's easy to sow

Buckets of blood will help it to grow
And raised on high, the fetid throne
Death is fate's master, he sits alone

They say war is all we know
If only that were true

No matter how i work my schedule
There's always other things that i do
But excuse me now, there's a tank at the door

And that slave's head just rolled cross the floor
He tries to say something and that something is puke
Right about then the pigs set off a nuke

War is all we know

When i said i loved war, i lied
It $#[email protected] sucks on the losing side

And speaking of which, my face is on fire
A lightning withdrawl, we quickly retire
A flury of carnage, my brainpan is nicked

To my unending shame, my $$# just got kicked
And as the shells fall in a relentless hail
The fortress was gutted and we had to bail

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa