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GWAR lyrics : "The Salaminizer"

Here's a little something from a God to a slave,
I never should of been let out the $#[email protected] microwave!
We're on this planet and we're running a muck,

I should give a %#@! but I don't give a $#[email protected]!
Ever since I was a scumdog, I blew a###-wad.
I need a mother-$#[email protected] suckadickalickalong!

Burning a mall or two, blowing the load I spew.
You don't wanna $#[email protected] $#[email protected] me? I'll $#[email protected] you!
This is your $$#, and I'm in it.

My man sexy will $#[email protected] you up in a minuet.
With an axe, sword, mace, pike your limbless.
Then I'll $#[email protected] your $$# till its rimless!

Oh! You humans always screaming!
Oh! As you suckle on my [email protected]&(!

Oh! And the %#@! is always steamin'
A drunk, a pervert, a junkie and a sodimizer.
But you can call me the salaminizer

Give unto give unto give unto give unto
My life is a luxury, so filled with hate.
I got fifty slaves heaping maggots on my plate.

From my fortress in Antarctica I watch the world die
On my Sony Trinitron that's switched to channel 5.
Back on the road, its no lie....

Stupid $#[email protected] humans pay money to die!
Crushed in the pit, nailed to the stage
I only suck the souls that are underage.

[Repeat Chorus]

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