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GWAR lyrics : "Nudged"

Did you ever stay up late wondering if you'd been screwed?
Or ever really know how much money they're making off of you?
Welcome to the club, aye, that's the rub

Your nudged, fudged, nudged, screwed
Did you ever feel confused?
Fall victim to their ruse

You know Hitler gassed the Jews
Maybe you should watch the news
Formula, we deplore you

Formula, we abhor you
Formula, we ignore you
We were sent here to destroy you

We won't have to wait too long
Lots of people making bombs, CD-ROMS, fertilizer bombs, yeah
Totally abused you

You wonder why our lives are crummy, you won't give us any money
Without us who would you jack, to fill up your bulgin sack?
But your actions, they shall foment, vengeance waiting for the moment

And though I spent years as your slave, one day I'll piss on your grave
Formula, set our own pace
Formula, we are a race

Formula, we'll smash your face!
Formula, your machine
Formula, I find obscene

Formula, know what I mean?
You've reduced something to nothing
You really $#[email protected] think you're something

Hold on baby, time is coming

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