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GWAR lyrics : "Message From The Scallop Boat"

Dear Oderus Urungus
Hey man, do you remember me?
I remember you

I was the guy with the grizzled face and the lousy weed
And the really bad tattoo
And now I'm doing 20 to life

for killing the guy
that was humping my wife
So I thought I'd write a letter to you

Scallop Boat now baby
Scallop boat
IV [email protected]%!e now baby

Funky scallop, funky scallop boat
I used to work on a scallop boat
I made some money there

I used to do the I.V. [email protected]%!e
Lost some money there
Scallop boat now baby

Scallop boat
I.V. [email protected]%!e now baby
Funky scallop

Funky scallop boat
Down here in jail I do as I'm able
Got caught smoking crack and they cut off my cable

But could you drop by and maybe bust me outta here?
But there is one thing that I don't understand
I thought The South Pole was the home of the band

Or do you just keep your slaves in Richmond?
don't break up man
keep it together

I love you guys
funky funky scallop boat

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