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GWAR lyrics : "Love Surgery"

Yes you are
Your flesh is insignificant...
Still you drag yourself here on bloody stumps I recreate you amputate you

You defile my womb hahahahahaha
However weak it still appealing
Sights to send senses reeling

To see your nipples stripped from you
Tossed into my human stew

That's why you came to me...
You were begging for love surgery
It's the way - the way its got to be

It's called love surgery
Punks and priest, yeah they're all in there
A beggars bludgeoned with their shinwear

Bubbling cauldron choked with ichor
Well I must think of something sicker

Anticipate the nipple rape
Dish is almost done
The child has died, he must be fried

You humans are the same inside
Now the cauldron starts to boil I can feel my [email protected]#* heave
The undergarment start to soil

And now I know its time to leave
When a demi-God blows bloody sperm
It does not stop, it starts to worm

And you shall achieve a maggot spunge-hole effect
Ohhh Scary

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