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GWAR lyrics : "Krak Down"

Krak down!
Your melted essence is my tool
And I appropriate your nugget jewel

Chemically wrap around aroma
In the bathtub in a coma
Getting drunk with

Earth's elite
They wanna peel the skin off my feet
Mold me, fold me, keep me silent I get drunk, I get violent

I fill the pipe up
This is a Krak Down

I called up every pimp I know I $#[email protected] my life up
This is a Krak Down
I call for toxic overthrow

Fall out of the rent-a-car
Go and vomit on the ground
There's the one who acts so pissed off

Think I'll go and cunt my dick off
They run from me I charge at [email protected]#%s I knock them down

Stomp out their guts
Tastefully arrange the piles soaked in phlegm
And Bathed in bile

Building, burning, cops all scatter
Big fat $$# is on the platter
You eyes are floating in my cup

$#[email protected] your corpse
And get raped up

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