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GWAR lyrics : "Crack In The Egg"

The egg was spawned in our mutation pit
In the bowels of your
Earth it was grown

Feeding on the blood of you loinspawn
And all the filthy load that was blown
Now the time is right for birth

And whatever it is shall stalk the Earth
What it looks like, I care not I just hope it kills a lot
Crack in the egg

Crack in the egg
The time is right
Crack in my pipe

Parasitical scum, you die so easily
But you always have sickened me
Your will enslaved, you grovel for more

Soon your bowels will litter the floor
Cannibalistic depravity
Bereft of all humanity

A fitting feast of abject insanity
A dark curtain before last calamity
There is but one way to give the egg life

Murder the innocent souls
Their fluids project as their nipples are flayed
Their skulls are fashioned into bowels

You masses of humans are gagging in glee
Now you gape but soon you'll be here with me
If you're really lucky

I'll vomit on thee
I'll %#@! in your stump and then bathe you in pee
Sunder your forms with my withering hacks

Mash up your face with my gauntleted smacks
Now bring me dead babies let their be no lack
I got a bunch of them here in my sack

I slaughtered your daughters,
I mangled your sons
If we kill enough of them the Gor-Gor will come

The end of your race,
we approach the hour Gor-Gor will get a blood-red baby shower
We bathe him in death to celebrate life I'll be the doctor and

Beef the midwife
But it takes so long, how can I cut slack
Shoot that $#[email protected] up with some crack Gor-Gor see him now inside the egg

Please come out, Gor-Gor of you I beg Will he be a happy child?
Maybe Most likely he'll be a crack-baby
We infected his being with evil drugs

So he would grow up and be a thug
Destroy the planet, the world he will mug
The human race will die and we will just shrug

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