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GWAR lyrics : "Child"

Having a child with a person I don't even know
Jumping up and down in the crowd she got a face full of blow
She caught the sperm in her mouth

And then she put it down south
She didn't understand
That a burrowing beast would plop out in the pan

She's having a child and she thinks it's such a clever stunt
What she's really gonna get is a claw in the cunt
Things went south

That's when I started to $#[email protected] in her mouth
She didn't understand
That I'm a happy dappy Sammy Davis Jr. man

You wanna get out of your life?
Well go $#[email protected] a rock star!
Then you can quit your job at the crummy $#[email protected] titty bar

You'll be lying on your back next to the wall with your legs in the air
Crowd of $#[email protected] doc's coming on like they really don't care
She took that fistful of sperm and crammed it right up her womb

So she could lie with her legs in the air in the hospital room
But there's one thing that the little girl don't understand
That I don't have a dime and I don't give a damn

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