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GWAR lyrics : "Captain Crunch"

Everybody needs somebody to abuse. Every
body needs alotta stuff to eat. Every
body gonna be a body one day--Having

fun? (Mortal scum) Rest $$#ured it's not
for long. When you least expect your world
reels--You fall to the ground. Will heaven

protect it? (No) A strange new world
that you found. And now, bodies waken--
Soul a-quakin', you see your jellied corpse

a-bakin'. Your world teeters on the
brink of madness...We shall...kick
that (*##$ over with gladness--

You enter the sex-plague--You cannot
breed--And you await death--Your [email protected]#*...
bleeeeeeds...When you're all dead,

We'll still be here. Having butt sex--
Cause I'm so queeeeeeeeer...!!
Disciples of Sin!!!

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