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GWAR lyrics : "Baby Raper"

Babyraper, sperm creator
Hulking, brutish masturbator
Babyraper, emasculator

Fleshy flap valve navigator
Never leave me,

Melted### ejaculator
Spackled filth evaporator
High colonic spackulator the

Babyraper the Babyraper
My quest for sex consumes all my life
Being a god I do what i like I know it hurts you when I $#[email protected] a child

Cum-sumed with###ming I've simply gone wild
Drinking and drowning in lakes full of lust
I'll still jerk off even when I### dust

My sex is my hatred
My ^[email protected]#$ a tool
My balls are imploding I'm playing the fool

My butt crack is folding
The crap that it's holding I heap it all over the stool
Oh, Babyraper I'm the $#[email protected]

Babyraper I'm the guy who stiffed the waiter
Mangled public flagellator
Turgid bowel exaggerator

Fleshy flap-valved gladiator

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