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GWAR lyrics : "B.D.F."

Baby Dick $#[email protected]
Baby Dick $#[email protected]

Take your fat tongue!
And curl it into a 'U',
You take and unborn child who knows not what you do

Baby Dick $#[email protected]
Baby Dick $#[email protected]

Baby Dick $#[email protected] -
Baby Dick $#[email protected] -
Baby dick $#[email protected]

Baby Dick Suck
Baby Dick $#[email protected]
Baby Dick $#[email protected]

There's no excuse, give him the goose
With a push and then a shove
Teach that child how grown-ups love

$#[email protected] $#[email protected] Suck Suck $#[email protected] $#[email protected]
I haunt the malls and the

Burger Kings I am the giver of pain
Splitting the rumps of the wicked
Only the nipples remain [x2]

The cherub screams "NO" as I move to defile
Our bodies entwine in a puddle of bile
Many years later we'll look back and smile

As we thrash about on the urine-drenched tile
The delivery room is as still as a tomb
I $#[email protected] the child while its still in your womb

The child is now dead and you start to blubber
$#[email protected] your warm corpse with your child as a rubber
Take your fat tongue, ram it up her bung

Her face is packed with### We've only just begun
From your head, your eyes I pluck
Give you savage socket $#[email protected]

Work my wand of black obsidian
End up like a Branch Davidian
Baby Dick $#[email protected]

Baby Dick $#[email protected]
Baby Dick $#[email protected] [x a lot]

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