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GWAR lyrics : "A Gathering Of Ghouls"

We came from your nightmares and we're calling for your souls
Your endless death begins today the bloody pit has final say
The bloody pit, the bloody war

The only bloody way

The bloody pit of horror, it feeds on endless souls

The carnage must be unimpeded, blood and souls are what is needed
The killing goes on day and night
We'll never fill this hole

The bloody pit, it doesn't care
About the why, the when, the where

As guts are ripped and blood is spilled
It only knows it must be filled

And that's the way it's always been
Never change, never will

Let's make it clear just why we're here
It's for something more important than for drinking all your beer
We're here to kill you and claim your souls

And drape your stinking entrails round our numerous war poles

Can't be called a crime

Happens every time
A gathering of ghouls
We fill the pit with blood and souls this is the only rule

Zombies marching off to war
They've done it all before

A gathering of ghouls
Raping, slaying, heavy flaying

The bloody pit is pleased
It's bursting with disease
A gathering of ghouls

Hacking and bashing, and selling drugs at school

They say that this world is going insane

But I care little, my zombies need brains
If we need more victims we'll load them in trains
All is as it was and will be lots more

The bloody pit of horror
The bloody curse of war

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa