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GUY SHARP lyrics : "Bum"

Aye yo, lemme talk to 'em for a second. Look.

What I gotta do to get some notoriety
society discourages the person that i'm trying to be
a clean, conscious ^!$$% with his mind on the right side of things

who spits harsh and just so happens to be a microfiend
do I think i'll make it? well ^!$$% probably
i'm aiming for the top and I dont see nobody stopping me

underground rappers go mainstream and lose quality
I'll always stay the same. never change is what I'm promising.

I dont care if you don't respect me
But when I blow up dont dare pretend we was friendly

I'm navigating the tragic statements of envy
Speaking the truth is kinda tough so they sent me
Get up off the pavement brush the dirt up off my Nike's

I'm coming for these bums they better run if they dont like me....

Verse 1:

Time has passed since I've been on a track
I left these haters hanging. Apologies for that.
My mind is split, Imma need somebody to sew it back

my soul's intact but better judgement for actions is what I lack
My bars are harsher than tolerance in the gaza strip
the flow is smoother than the suspension in maserrati whips

Im smashing these rappers gladly with no discrepancies
Ignorance is what I spit, my rhymebook has special needs
The motivation for cultivation is slowly pacing

that's why mainstream gets no love im only hating
but not the type of dislike that ^!$$%s get cuz they famous
i meant the type of dislike that proves that my soul is aching

I'm slowly baking in the heat of this fire
the streets are in dire need of these fiends to retire but nah
they ain't gone do it, they corrupting the youth

I promise that when I blow up I won't be doing it too.


Verse 2:
Don't get it twisted I ain't selling no tickets

I ain't inviting you ^!$$%s to act upon my decisions
I'm just writting the sentences that describe my own feelings
while I'm peeling away at the villainous ways of the typics

So, basically I got ^!$$%s hating on me because I dont break and decieve I'm not trying to rape the beliefs of young ^!$$%s paying the fees so that I can make it on screens and become 1 of the most successful rappers you've ever seen
I credit myself on realness and staying true
while other rappers tell you more stories than Mother Goose

they rap about killing and then they want you to do it too
But if your lyrics have no aim tell me what can a bullet do?
on all you rappers i've done all my dirt

like an employer im giving em work
Fonts Nation is going beserk
"Flwaless" stitched into my shirt

I'm tremendously fluent
the slickness is so intense it's like a sinister sleuthing

got a low GPA because with the pen I'm so stupid
And me and Will trying to go far I swear that's a movement

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