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GUY SEBASTIAN lyrics : "Taller, Stronger, Better"

I've met the darkness
Been held by the night
Lonely was there in my arms

I've been with broken
I've stared in her eyes
Emptiness left me this scar

But I heard your voice, Calling me out of the cold

And now I can live again
I have been chosen to run with the wind

I can go higher
I know I will soar
I'm taller, I'm stronger, I'm better than before

I've walked through fire
So I could become

All that you said I could be
And now my breath has a reason
My sky has a sun

Cos in you I've found all that I need

Your touched revived me, It was your love that opened my eyes


I broke through the rain
Stood through the storm
Now I know I'll remain

I can do the impossible
I can reach the unreachable
It's my time

I will rise
And live...


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