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GUY SEBASTIAN lyrics : "Back In The Day"

Im gonna love ya like..[times 3]
Baby like i loved you back in the day

Baby I remember when
you and i just began
knowing we were more than friends i had 2 make you understand

said i gotta get to know ya
give me one chance to show ya
just what you mean to me

and everything that we could be

So we talked a little

and we danced a little
told me that i treated u like the perfect gentleman
from the day love started

we could not be parted
lets get back to how our love was

Back in the day
all we had was you and me but

that was all we ever needed
i was your superman girl
you were meant for me

back in the day
the way i said i love you daily
but girl i havent told you lately

im gonna love you baby
like i loved you back in the day

all of those things i wort
you cried everytime you read
the friday night theatre show

where i would be watching you instead
all the bad jokes id say
but you would laugh anyway

you were my closest friend
together 24/7
forever till the very end

but i havent been there baby
or sent you flowers lately

lets get back to how our love was


when i look into your eyes baby
its then i realise ive been

acting like a fool
im still crazy for you
so tonight im gonna show ya

by the way im gonna hold ya
my love is still the same girl
im crazy for you

ooh just like


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