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Guy Clark : Ramblin' jack and mahan lyrics

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Guy Clark lyrics : "Ramblin' jack and mahan"

Now a Ramblin' Jack Elliot said:
I got these lines in my face
Tryin' to straighten out the wrinkles in my life

When I think of all the fools I've been
It's a wonder that I've sailed this many miles

To which Larry Mahan replied:
He said, "The sweet bird of youth
Was sittin' on my shoulder yesterday

But she's always changin' partners
And I always knew she'd up and fly away"


Stayin' up all night

In the Driskill Hotel
Ramblin' Jack and Mahan
Was cowboyed all to hell

The room smelled like bulls
The words sound like songs
Now there's a pair to draw to boys

I would not steer you wrong

So ol' Ramblin' Jack said:

He said, "I recall a time
I set my soul on fire just for show
All it ever taught me was

The more I learn the less I seem to know"

Ol' Mahan crawled out from behind a couch and said:

"Jack, as far as I can see
Mistakes are only horses in disguise
Ain's no need to ride 'em over

'cause we could not ride them different if we tried


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