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Guy Clark lyrics : "Must be my baby"

Frankie D. said he got it
Straight from Roger Miller
Life's just like takin' candy

From a gorilla
I started thinkin' man
This ain't so tough

That's about the time
That the monkey showed up
Sometimes I can't find

My heart with both hands
I usually got my head stuck
Down in the sand

I start to feel like
I can't even breathe
What's the little

breath of fresh air
Blowin' up my sleeve


Must be my baby hey hey hey

She can make the Mississippi River
Run the other way
Must be my baby just in time

How's she always know when
I'm about to lose my mind

Sometimes it feels like
Everything's a drag
I could not smile my way

Out of a wet paper bag
It gets so dark
That the clock stops tickin'

It's just like night and day
Was playin' chicken
I'm ridin' on the boiler of

a long black train
Tryin' to find the brakes
In a drivin' rain

I got smokestack
lightning' pourin out
the funnel

What's the little light at
the end of the tunnel


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa