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Guy Clark lyrics : "Bunkhouse Blues"

At the Broken Heart Ranch
You can always get work
As a cowfool

There's feelin's to wrangle
Loose ends to untangle and tie

Sun up to sundown
Ridin' herd on old memories
Sundown to sun up

Singin' the bunkhouse blues

There's a lone bawlin' calf

Lost in a little box canyon
Got no companion
Lord, don't I know how he feels

Up there on the canyon rim
Blows a cold coyote wind

Buzzards grinnin' down at him
I'm singin' the bunkhouse blues

At the Broken Heart Ranch
Saturday night sure gets lonesome
I long for the lights

And the comfort of someone in town

Playin' cards and killin' time

Somebody stole my piggin' line
this ain't no nursery rhyme
I'm talkin' the bunkhouse blues

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