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Guy Clark lyrics : "Black Diamond Strings"


Black Diamond Strings

Black Diamond Strings
Drinkin’ 1 W. Harper
Playin’ Black Diamond Strings

Black Diamond Strings
Are like white flour and grits
You play Black Diamond Strings

‘Cause it’s all you can get

Black Diamond Strings on a Catalog Guitar

That’s pretty high cotton whoever you are
You break one you change one, that’s as good as it gets
You can play all year long on two or three sets

J.W. Crowell was a hell of a man
He played two nights a week in a hillbilly band

He played at the Ice House on Telephone Road
He played in the yard just to lighten his load


Hey J.W play that frogline

Let Rodney sit in, hell, he’s goin’ on nine
His fingers are bleedin’, but he’s keepin’ good time
Playin’ Black Diamond Strings, he’ll never quit tryin’

Causette told ‘em both
You boys pack t up, it’s time to go home

We got church in the mornin’, it’s comin’ up dawn
Don’t make me say it again or I’m gone
You can stay here forever, but you’re gonna walk home

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