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GUNPLAY : Real Niggas lyrics

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GUNPLAY lyrics : "Real Niggas"

I got real ^!$$%s that drink, real ^!$$%s that smoke
I got real ^!$$%s with pain, real ^!$$%s who broke

I got real ^!$$%s with ozs, real ^!$$%s with bricks
Real ^!$$%s who broke trees, real ^!$$%s who sniff
Real ^!$$%s who snow, real ^!$$%s who won't

Real ^!$$%s who sip... strapped up at fifteen
Real ^!$$%s that gang bang, real ^!$$%s that claim blood
Real ^!$$%s that cripple, show them boys the same love

I know real ^!$$%s that...
Real ^!$$%s that caught bodies

Real ^!$$%s with no charges
Little jerks with no consciousness
Little ^!$$%s that's (*##$, and just wanna see you eat

Ain't gonna front your block... and get you right back on your feet
Now that's a real ^!$$%, i... that
A real ^!$$% don't bounce back

Lame ^!$$%s gonna pump up
A real ^!$$% gonna house that.
#[email protected] ^!$$%s be playing but my money ain't no game

You play with that there,
You don't lay with that .. chain
I know real ^!$$%s that bought trap

Got wild, what now?
No space, no room, $#&@ new move, watch out!
Real ^!$$%, that's all I be

Real thief, that's all I see
Real magic, that's all I am
Still matching, that's all I need


I know a real ^!$$% named gun play
..on his gunplay
I know real shooters know bowling... no confe

I got real ^!$$%s that.. cause a real ^!$$% got...
Cause a real ^!$$% just don't care, a real ^!$$% gonna ride
I got a real ^!$$% that's sitting

I know $#&@ ^!$$% that talk
I know real ^!$$%s that been there
I'm a real ^!$$%s that won't

I got real ^!$$%s that die for
..in the life after
I got real ^!$$%s that been real

And these ^!$$%s ain't rappers
I got real ^!$$%s that's masons
Real ^!$$%s that's satious

Real ^!$$%s that's cuban and some little ^!$$%s that's crazy
I got real ^!$$%s in wheelchairs
Real ^!$$%s we in here, real ^!$$%s that been scared

Real ^!$$%s %#@!...


I know real ^!$$%s on the west side, real ^!$$%s on the east
Real ^!$$% downside to the midwest street

I got a real ^!$$% named peanut that ain't really here to speak
I got a real ^!$$% named tano, I know they don't set...
I'm a real ^!$$% that can't hide, get money and... dick ride

Real ^!$$%s on my team, true ^!$$%s on this side
I got real ^!$$%s that's quiet, real ^!$$%s that's riot
I got real ^!$$%s that sell dope, and hustlers that's gonna buy it

I got real ^!$$%s 25 8
No hustler, I fly...
Real [email protected][email protected] don't pay that %#@!, inject... right away!

Real [email protected][email protected] with.. real [email protected][email protected] with none
I got real [email protected][email protected] with nickle bags and real [email protected][email protected] with tones


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