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GUNPLAY : No Church lyrics

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GUNPLAY lyrics : "No Church"

This is the $#&@ing %#@! I be talking about
Half rapping $$# mother$#&@ers

You think it's a game, you think it's a $#&@ing game
Come on

You know how it go, for life my ^!$$%, on sight my ^!$$%
Die slow, my ^!$$%, copy, ten four my ^!$$%

Real ^!$$% online and I came just in time
You gotta go get yours but I came strapped with mines
Mother$#&@er don't play with me, run up and hang with me

And the ak with me, all day with me and I got stones, pocket full of those
And I got hoes I couple of them yos
Hold up, MMG that's murda, mayhem godamn it that's me

CCC, Carol City Cartel, go hard here for the fee
$#&@ how you feel, give a $#&@ who you is, what you bout
What you done, who you killed

I stunted all on any mother$#&@er out here
That's word to every mother$#&@er not here
I could smell the money, macaveli money

Bounty on your brain, that's psychedelic money
I don't ask if I could, I'm good, shoot
Putting down at your baby mama crib like a brew

I sell anything, [email protected]%!e, amphetamines, 44 loaded next to the king James
Low life, my ^!$$%s all sting rays
Hey, mobbed tied to the string rate

One time for the inmates, my ^!$$% B Boy, my ^!$$% V Ray
My ^!$$% Kaino, they gon' be straight
This for the robbers shaking all the cops on the e way

No church for the rats ^!$$%, ^!$$%

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