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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "Willy Wonka"

Featuring: Lil Wayne

I I I Don't Like The Look Of It

I I I Don't Like The Look Of It
I I I Don't Like The Look Of It

[Verse 1: Gudda Gudda]
Ok I'm Sipping On The Syrup Got A ^!$$% Mioving Slow
I'm All Bout The Money What The $#[email protected] You Think I Do It For

Just Don't Act Like You Ain't Know I'm Killing These Rap $$# ^!$$%s
Costing Them Thier Caskets For Your Mother$#[email protected] Funeral
Keep These Women With Me %#@! I Gotta Keep Two Or More

Party Everyday Like We Won The $#[email protected] Superbowl
Chilling With My ^!$$% Mack He Keeps (*##$es Handy
White Girls On The Table Let Them Sniff The Nose Candy

When I'm Walking By The Women Say Who Is That
^!$$% I Reply I'm Gudda Gudda That ^!$$%
I Was Raised In A home Of Cap Splitters

Whip On 24s Watch It Crawl Like A Caterpillar
I Come With A Toy Boy Like A Happy Meal
And You A Mother$#[email protected] Duck Daffy Dale

From The School Of Hard Knocks Where we Scrap And Kill
Pick The Kinfe With Gunna You Could Get the Package Deal
I'm Hot ^!$$% Burning Everything Around Me

I Was Lost For A Minute Took A While But I Found Me
The Streets Say I'm King But The Game Will Never Crown Me
Realest ^!$$% Doing It Just Ask The ^!$$% Round Me

So You Can't Size Me Up But Try To Clown A
Shark Jump In The Water And I'm a Drown Ya
New Orleans Gun Out I'm a Down Ya

Put ^!$$%s To Sleep Like A Downer
I'm A Great White You A Flounder
Fish Ain't A (*##$ I'll Tuna Everything Around Ya

You Hoe Gudda Move Everything Around Ya
It's Young Money (*##$ At The Top Is Where They Found Us

(Wayne Sparks Up)

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
Goons I'm Back Marley Don't Shoot 'Em
Silence On A Gun Watch A ^!$$% Mute 'Em

The Coach And The Boot Call Me Jon Gruden
Schooled These ^!$$% They All My Students
All Jokes Aside I Ain't Playing With Ya

The Weed Broke Down Like A Transmission
Choppers Spin Like A Ballerina
I'm Still Spitting Like I Ate A Jalapeno

I'm From Uptown My (*##$s From Argentina
My Pockets On Fat Like Joey Cartagena
Stunt So Hard It's All Ya'll Fault

And When It Come To Beef Give Me A-1 Sauce
I Ain't Worrying About %#@! Everything Paid
Catch Me Poolside In Dwayne Wades House

Wth A High Yellow (*##$ With Her Legs Out
Catch Money President But We In Red House
Who The $#[email protected] Want It Name A $#[email protected] Day

Blow The Candles Out My ^!$$% Cut The Cake
I Gotta Eat (*##$ Like A Runaway
Ya'll ^!$$%s Ain't Eating Stomache

Ok All These (*##$es And ^!$$%s Still Hatin
I Used To Be Ballin But Now I'm Bill Gating
$#[email protected] You With My iPhone Bumpin Illmatic

I'm On The Road To Riches It's Just A Lil Traffic
Hair Still Platic $#[email protected] A Habit
Keep My Guitar Hip Hop Manny Cravis

Bought Your Bad (*##$es and I $#[email protected] 'Em Like Rabbits
Dope Big weezy Your Girlfriends A Addict

I I Don't I I Don't
I Don't Like The Look Of It

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