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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "The Dungeon"

Lil' Twist:
Lil'Twist a monster, now watch me get 'em

Why they try my flows on when they can't fit 'em
Got my shoes from overseas, when they can't get 'em
These young rappers like toddlers, watch me babysit 'em

It's Mr. Twizzy F., and I'm right here
Draped in right gear, this is Young Money, yeah
I got these rapers scared of me, I'm the right fear

Now their girls asking for me, tell they girls I'm right here (like)
Why, kuz I'm a Young Money youngin'
Name one way's that Young Money's not runnin'

Ha, and we the shh, no plungin'
And I came to welcome y'all to Young Money's Dungeon

Turn your face off when you $#[email protected]' look at muah

Send that Ray Charles to ya, make your vision fall
Hell calls, kuz y'all ^!$$%z ain't trustin' the god
Put arrows on ya head, no water dog

I'm a cough, spittin' god when Young Money bomb
$#[email protected] your walls, (*##$ I'm raw with this condom on
Ready, get set, get marks, pistol drawn

Start the red liner, log, fire on
Picture me pawn, knockin' brochures door-to-door
I live on the floor, outside, you couldn't see the floor

At this elevation, elevator, reach the lord
Young Money, $#[email protected] these other ^!$$%z do it for

Jae Millz:
Huge appetite (yes) $#[email protected] a half a bite

I need that whole pie, dough, and cheese but you could have a slice
^!$$%, I shut the stage down and smash the mic
Plus I kill after parties, I call 'em after lifes

To the rap game, Millz don't make classics
And I don't write songs, (*##$, I create caskets
Who want a dirtnap (who) your grim reaper is here

I compose funerals for you ^!$$%z careers
Y-your girl said my third leg was super long
She gotta lift weights with her tongue, her mouth super strong

Heatin' pad jaws, her mouth super warm
But right after I'm skatin' like I'm boardin' with some supers on

Gudda Gudda:
Semi-automatic arsenal

Will slaughter you and turn every part of you to particles
Pain is what I ordered you, run is what you oughta do
I tear the house down, evict ^!$$%z like the mortgage do

You ^!$$%z gon' bother who, I come from the hardest zoo
New Orleans, Murder Capital, that's where a heart is grew
Yeah, I beat the track like a mad man

Kuz these ^!$$%z is garbage, put these ^!$$%z in a trashcan
I'm the one-man band and I'm marching while I'm laughin'
Drag these (*##$es off my stage kuz yes, I am the Sandman

Gudda Gudda, chain got boo-koo colors like Toucan Sam
Reach and you will be an amputee, cut off yo' damn hand

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa