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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "I'm The Man Freestyle"

Louie fit Louie bag Louie rag around mii neck imm poppin Louie tags imm gettin money swollen pockets imma soldier homie with a shoulder rocket I do mii thang on the low but I stay high I attend to boot ^!$$% straight drivin I stay fly check the stitchin on mii back pocket like a wallet I got you ^!$$%s in mii back pocket I do this %#@! wit ease high breeze thru the traffic the feds on tail got the cheese for you rats Imm so sickenin big chain glistenin 20 on mii neck off of mixtapes listen Money iisz the motivation I been over-waitin imma go nd get it rite now ^!$$% imm over-patient I hit the ground runnin gunnin for the green bag the %#@! imm whippin guarantee bring the fiends back I hustle up so I double up when the fire hit the water watch the water bubble up don't I look like money you can't tell boy look at mii jeans (*##$ mii pockets on steroids You broke ^!$$%s need a tip like a bell-boy you Screech ^!$$%s get Saved By The Bell boy Imm givin Hell Boy till imm richer than a (*##$ imm tryin to get 100 grand sittin glistenin on mii wrist So give meh money or give the graveyard the streets iisz mii side hustle rap iisz mii day job I am one to spray y'all hit em and lay y'all fake ^!$$%s down inna box in the graveyard Yeah yu ^!$$%s are mii target practice the Mac-11 will rip some patches out ya Starter jacket Mic check 1-2-1-2 got the burner one mii waist wat iisz you gon do nada You can sleep wit the fishes piranhas I thought mii brother told you the mother$#[email protected] gods you aint Lil Scrappy (*##$ you don't want no problems you don't wanna squabble yu don't want nothin You ^!$$%s are peons imm fly like a robin Suicide flow bicth imma kamikaze Young Money mother$#[email protected] imma ride about it make mii ^!$$% Streets catch a body Shout to all mii riders smile so they can notch ya Hold ya head up so they come home and say gotcha The flow so proper give meh mii prizes thank ya I hold the east down like a ship anchor dictatin makin moves like a chess player if yu make the wrong move ^!$$% imma checkmate ya Gudda Gudda

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