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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "I'm Leaving"

Oh I love the way,
That you carry yourself

Even love the way,
You wear your hair
And I'm loving you

That's cool, but um


Ok, I met you on the other side of town
The word around town is that you known to get around
I ain't trippin, no,

I'm tryina put you in the leg lock, 54
Legs behind your head, make your bed rock, hit it slow,
Young gigolo, call me Deuce Bigallow

Never satisfied with one dime, you gotta give me more
So, I ride clean through the city slow
Looking for a cute face, fat $$#, pretty toes

Know some diddy hoes, that's the worst type
Type that ask you for a purse on the first night
Type to turn a great date to a worst night

Love pack them bags up, you on the first flight home
Then it's on to the next one
Never know the next one, might be the best one

Fresh off the jet, fly like Elroy Jetson
Treat a dog hoe like a step son,

I'm leaving
That's right, I'm leaving

Yep that's right, I'm leaving
Ok, I'm leaving

Ok, I met her at the gallery, I was in a Louie store
Buying up a bunch of %#@!, attracting all the groupie hoes

Sippin on the purple punch, you know it got me moving slow
So I entertain them (*##$es like I'm in a movie role
Take her out to eat, Rose, plate of sushi roll

She got a pretty face, golden hair like dooky roll
I'm thinking, this one might be a keeper
Bring her to the hood and let all my ^!$$%s meet her

Showin love, my homies say she look real familiar
Something like this chick named Patricia
I'm like whoa, every other city we go

Pac said he best man, we see the same hoes
Every other video, every other show
You could bet your last dollar they be in the first row

They just tryina get paid, who are they to blame?
It's all about the might dollar, bright lights and fame

So I'm leaving
That's right, I'm leaving

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