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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "Demolition Freestyle Pt 1"

And I don't wanna talk about it
Gangsta %#@! right in front of you ^!$$% walk around it
^!$$% let me do me

They know I kick it like Jet lee Bruce lee
And I've done what they can't do me I'll put my gun up to your aunt suzie
And blow out a dubie paint her rubie I am a looney you ^!$$%s puny

I puke on the beat I juke and never fumble
Man I spit that dope like I swallowed the bundle
Gotta spit that dope up cause the old heads said if you don't itll bust

Heard if I sell it hard itll rush but if them people come if it's soft itll flush
Certainly don't get caught in the blind and keep yo curtain straight
No I don't drink wine but I smoke purple grape sometimes see purple stars

And I ain't talking about purple bapes
I gets paid early cause I be workin late too many pain for memories %#@! hurt to say
Crack flow no bake just stir and shake

Shootin when we pull up like erkle waste
Sip syrup got me movin at a turtle pace
But quick draw pop out like a turtle face

Paid in full you can't murk the ace
I kill the beat and beat the murder case
That's right I'm a kill this %#@!

And if the glov don't fit
I'm a need a catchers mitt
Cause I'm high like a pitch yeah I'm high like a pitch like Mariah and %#@!

I guess I'm higher than a (*##$
Keep it dirty like I'm lion in the ditch
Like Eli I'm from new Orleans I'm a giant in this (*##$

Move the G and add an S and put the I before the N
And put the A in front of that and that is what I am to the end
That's a Saint mutha$#[email protected] simplify it for them where your funeral comes with a 2nd line at the end yeah

But you won't be second linin with them
Cause you be in the hearse that's behind all of them
I see your homies dressed in black like they finna ride with

But fashion statement is tell a lie
I'm pelican fly Mack 11 inside
My bullets come with wings and your cerebellum can fly $#[email protected] right o yeah

Young money we are
Sick as gonorrhea
Like nausea heart burn indigestion upset stomach and diarrhea

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa