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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "Can You See Me (feat. Hones-t)"


Verse 1

Here I Am Homie What You Want Fool?
Shes Like Damn ^!$$% Cause Im The Man Dude
I Aint Trippin Or Flippin Them Baits

Up Close and Personal Like Shes Giving Me Face
Holla At Me ^!$$% Cause Im The Next One
Ill Will With The Deal I Got Connects Son

And On Welfare Ni-Ni-^!$$% Dont Got A Job
All I Do Is Spit Raps ^!$$% I Go Hard
Young Money With Me We Going All Out

Its Like Game Day Time To Ball Out
Fanbase Go And Show My $$# Off
My Mama Rocket %#@! Ready To Blast Off

This A Hit And Run and I Aint Looking Back
Tired ??? ^!$$%s But Ill Never Take A Nap
Im Only Being Me Not into Seeing You

Hones To The T Baby Tell Me What It Do


Verse 2
Ok Im Riding Through The City Doing What I do Best

All White Low T On Cool Mack Murder Any Rapper In The Game
Whos Next Heading To The Bank And ima Bout To Pop A New Cheque
Party On All Weekend On Me Party Hard Cant Keep The Freaks Off Me

HD Turn Your Widescreen On And Riding Through The City With My Highbeams On

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa