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Gudda Gudda lyrics : "Always Love You"


Verse 1

Once upon a time there lived the harajuku barbie
Use ta watch the game in madison square garden

Collesium block on the weekend italian icces from the purteo ricans
She raps queen like a crown or a real poofy gown or the little white
Lady out in london weeds bridge far rock southside jamcia block

Flat bush brooklyn all them jamcia spots
This is my city n I be reppin my city
It's where the giants a tackle you

Call a capital avalon
If you come to my city u might see what I mean
It's the city that never sleeps but it's the city of dreams

Chorus w/ad libs by gudda gudda

Verse 2= gudda gudda

Wat up uptown downtown 6th ward

7th ward hardheads west bank 5th ward
3rd ward 10th ward reppin every damn street
Shout out the mighty nine and east 2 mczan street

Rest in peace son he had tyra lan on lockdown
It's a shame dey took him out the game
I see ya c c nacho fe fe snag gang chuck d

Talley t street that's dem garetti boys all about
The fetti boy only think broke wrong here is the levi boy
U know my city ^!$$% yea it's real hood

Talk to turk other day he doin real good
Hold ya head c hold ya head mack
Rest in peace solider damn we need u back

Shout out b.g. the whole chopper city
Cash money young money yea we got the city



Lets welcome the katrina victims
I wasn't there when it happen but I seen the pictures

So ne thing my ^!$$%s need they can call short
My arms always opened like walmart
I moved to the A n promised ima be back

I'm still #1 in houston like t-mac
Check my sleeve test I know u see that
H with star syrup pourin over green back

N I aint talkin miss butterworks
So pass me a styrofome double cup at first
N ima pour a four up in that n sip it till

U see me movin slow like I'm fat
Just the home of the the candy painted doors on the lac
N voices sounding deep as baratone on the track

(Aw really)
Yea we call that sprude n if u movin too fast we
Might call that rude



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Thanks to alexandra_feaa