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We slept a while
to turn it off
and get it out of our minds

I slept a while
to get it all
it seems alright

to find a place without a single lie
where is the night
we ran into

Nothing is good
I can't explain

falling down and caught up the rain
I turn myself into changes
the night I kissed you goodbye

(your death is over)

You want to live a lie

and I'm pretty in scarlet
come on
you want to wash it down

and I'm pretty in scarlet
I turn myself to say goodbye

It's o.k.
it doesn't count
found my place

a deeper sound
let me dive alone

You gave me wine
to poison me
and take away my time

I can hear you cry
I wonder why

And if you throw a stone on me
I'm pretty in scarlet
and if you need some pain to see

I'm pretty in scarlet
and if you live your lies
I will run...

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