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Yo introducing the improvement of a natural act
You hear this beat drop and watch it
move the front to the back

And it's actually time to react
to a crew that's in fact
Bringing back the illest raps we

know the industry lacks

So what you know about this hotness

Standing in the back bumpin' fists
I bet you didn't know that we would come with this
Hip-hop with a twist

Hey DJ you better make 'em dance to this
Turn it up turn it up, put down all your stuff
Not sweatin' hard enough you gotta work it up

Here we go to the floor
I tell you once more
Chop it up cause you standing like a vegetable

Hot like safari, shop like a Gotti

We walk in and shock everybody
Me and my boys, ya we rock the party
Soon as we start to run everybody say...

Ooh, what yo name is, who you came with

Can't stop movin your crew they make me say
Ooh, where your team stay, can you work with me
Just come with us and let us lead the way

We got that swagga that's hotta
Than summer time in Nevada

We rockin' shows that are harder
Than most of the stars ya'll follow
Ain't to stopping the power of three

Destined by the Father only
To make y'all sing a melody
That carries volume

We laid low for a while
But we couldn't hide the style
Of two emcee's a vocalist

Who bring that funky sound
Check your local listings
Cause we comin' to your town

Bringing something new
That got the earth shaking it's ground
See who you know can rock

A crowd the way we do
Then go to Cali and make
Hollywood pump it's fists too

Fill up a secular venue and get love from them too
And not for a moment ever have to sacrifice the truth

Yo this is group 1, one mind
Better believe that we on time,
Never we bringin' the weak rhymes

Baby you know these are hot lines,
Mind over matter batter-up get a grip
Our God is wit it, get it krunk and

play it loud in your whip,
They call us spiritual but
miracles are all we predict

When spiritually we turn our
faith into a physical hit
And got the whole world askin'

who we are and our click
It's quick to admit that He's
the reason why we exist.

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa