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GROUP 1 CREW lyrics : "iContact"

I felt your spirit hit me as I- walked in the room my heart was vexed what happened next I
felt, so so consumed, with every word you spoke to me I gave no reply, cuz I knew you wanted to
save me but I wouldn't comply, But you still (tried) I'm glad you did cuz now I can't wait to

spend my (life) within your arms a savior who has loved me more than (I) could ever ask or even
receive, you caught my eye when I learned that you died for me

I can't explain it, the lovely things that you do, whatever it takes gotta make eye contact
with you, its so contagious you got me feeling so cool, don't pass me by gotta make eye contact with you

You stunned my vision
I see things a bit more different different now

Had a head on collision
With fate and I don't know know how
You changed my world made me your home

And no one else allowed
To enter cause you alone inside
Makes it a full full house

No need for a deck of cards
Everything I need you are
You're my bright and shining star

Lets spend forever together
Remember when u were far
Loved me with a broken heart

But since we've made contact
Our eyes have never been apart

It's not enough for me to see you in someone else, I need to know your voice and see you for
myself, my god you've done so much in me I just can't look back, I wanna see you face to face

and make eye contact

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