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GROUP 1 CREW lyrics : "CHANGE"

Woke up this morning, put on my make up
I didn't stop to think of what's going on
Outside my window a world is changing

I can't remember where it all went wrong

You see people crying and families hurting, a mamas

praying that her baby comes home I see the
future of a better place

I wanna make, make this a place where we can forget all
the problems of yesterday, lets make a change for a better today, let it begin with

me make it reality I wanna change

I never believed that that that things will never change

cuz whenever I look back back nothing
has stayed the same except the fact that you have, given
me all that I need to turn this world

into a place that has the strength to believe

In need a better future

Lets be a part of the cure
Where unity can be the brush to paint a better picture
We need to plant a seed of

Something were all in need off
Through god we can make this world
Into something we only dream of

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa