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Grizzly Bear : GunShy lyrics

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Grizzly Bear lyrics : "GunShy"

The sky keeps staring at me
Frozen in my tracks
(Nothing else to see)

And when I move my face left
You're always standing there
(A shadow I can't see)

And even then I can't trace
Your walking away

I put my ears to the ground
Always pushing down
(Nothing I can hear)

I found the worst half in me
I'm cut off at the knees
(Can't even take a stand)

Against your words and beliefs
I didn't wanna freeze

(All of the years, leaving me here
I don't wanna say it all again

Everything you see
(Why) Do I always feel it all the same
This is in my eye

A guide that has only led me astray
And even as I live (you smile)

The cold keeps tearing at me
Slowing down my blood
(Unable to speak)

I left my mind long ago
Choosing something false
(Always letting go)

And when I try to face you
You're walking away

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