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Grinspoon : Let It Go lyrics

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Grinspoon lyrics : "Let It Go"

Yeah, Yeah

Sounds made of seeds

Of Earth's delight
Some freaked out things that
Screamed inside,

The first sound that to be heard
About the lip that wash
In your mouth

Things never change
Just wash it away
Spark grabs your soul

Gotta let it go

Let it go

Let it go
Let it go

That weird friend will say to me
Get out of my face
You lets of leave ????

Cook me breakfast, have a shave
As if it gets me through the day

Crap never stains
Just sit through that pain
I'll never know

Gotta let it go

Let it go

Let it go
Let it go
Yeah, now

%#@! music - Upon a record
%#@! music - Yeah

%#@! music - Upon a record
%#@! music - Upon, upon a record

Crash my head into a wall

I've seen you try I've seen you stall
Break my scars into your eyes
Blinded by the times that were mine

Oh well it seems
That I've $#&@ed up your dreams

Just let me say
You gotta let it go

Let it go
Let it go
Let it go


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