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GRIEVES FEAT PROF lyrics : "Super Scary Monsters"

Living off a full moon, black heart like the night I run
You ought to keep it on the sideline, homie

Cause 'round here they call me R.L. Stein
Sending goosebump shivers up and down your spine
Hockey mask on the dome piece

Run with the machete like a torch ceremony
Y'all full of bologna, sandwich, eat 'ya
Y'all believe in bunnies, Santa, Easter? Nope

Ya' get your head cut, you should've never left home when it gets this dark
Cause when the fog gets thick and the lights get low
I'mma put a screwdriver in your windpipe slowly

Axe murderous vampires
Quoting just a story pop's told around the camp fire
So watch out, you're walking on a tight rope

Cause I'mma get'cha in the shower, psycho


I'm living with a monster
Hanging on my back, beating on the drum, planning the attack
Hit it once to build itself a castle out'cha bones

You should turn around and go home
I'm living with a monster
What do you think it was?

A phase I was going through that lead to the fisticuffs?
Nonsense, I don't want to talk about a conscience
Cause mine's developed into a monster

You ever get killed?

Bloody on the ground
How my piss feel?
Splash like a wind shield

Wind shield thirty below, its real
Freezing on your tits feel like Hawaiian Ice
Ain't no doubt about it, I'm a cold-blooded killer

Standing right behind you while you looking in the mirror
Snapback hat, neck just like that
Necrophilia with my baseball bat

Run go tell Uncle Fester
Prof is in your bedroom looking through your dresser
Crack in my socks, limping when I walk

Murder while I'm $#[email protected], %#@!ting while I talk
Push you in the face looking through your money
I shot the sherriff, that mother$#[email protected] ain't coming

And don't even bother calling me a hooligan
I'm too busy killing, Freddy Kruegering


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Thanks to maria.01215