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GRETCHEN WILSON lyrics : "Grandma's Gonna Fly"

Grandma's turning 92
That's a lot of years ahead of you
Listen close to what I say

Cause Grandma's feeling old today
She said, I can't believe I'm sitting here
As old as I am

Never been stoned


I've waited too damn long
So bring it on
Grandma's gonna fly

So, I rolled it up and I passed it around
Grandma smoked the whole thing down

She was making up for wasted ground
Too many times she turned it down
She said you live your life until it's gone

And the things you never try just slip away
Til they're gone, too
(Repeat Chorus)

And as we talked about the old days
She said some things that blew my mind

She said you ain't seen a thing
Until you've seen Grandma getting high (mmmmm)

Grandma didn't have much time left
But she made use of every breath
I swear she smiled before she left

And I watched the world fall off her chest (mmmm)
And as the gates of heaven opened wide
She slipped over to the other side

She was singin', yeahhh
(Repeat Chorus 2x)

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa