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GREG SCZEBEL : The Flow lyrics

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GREG SCZEBEL lyrics : "The Flow"

Why, why, why does it seem every time you try
To get close to it you just fall behind
You've done all you can to prove you can sit down while you stand

Such a lovely thought, but such high demands
And it's breaking you fast

You can change your mind
But someday you'll find what you lost

Sooner or later you'll realize what you left behind
When you count the cost
Should you make the majority the authority

You'll be known
But you'll find you lose yourself
As you go with the flow

They always say every which way to support their cause
Join the entourage, don the camouflage

Well, I know just how it goes
So tempting those trendsetting so and so's
Sure they offer much, but they rob the soul

Oh and it ain't worth the toll



Has anybody told you who you are?
(Besides the cynical)
Don't you know you're original?

And what's more, you're a work of art
Yes you are, Baby
So why would you settle

For the typical?

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