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GREG SCZEBEL : One By One lyrics

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GREG SCZEBEL lyrics : "One By One"

On this planet I've been planted
But at times I feel more stranded
'Cause the world is not the place of my childhood

Daddies leavin,' babies dyin'
Lovers cheatin,' brothers lyin'
Truth is we don't love like we should

So let's start with the man in the mirror - I know what's in my heart
We can't build a bridge before the de-construction starts

Let's break it down one by one

'Cause a change has got to come
Tear down the walls with love this time
We've witnessed the damage done

But our words are not enough
No, nothing's gonna change until we try
One by one

Well I know this thing for certain

It's gonna take some workin'
But the human heart was made to weather change
I'm not talking about a trend here

Not some fashionably shed tear
No, it's got to be the blood within our veins

So start with the man in the mirror - You know what's in your heart
We can't change the world unless we all be taking part



Love and hate can't co-exist
Open your heart, put down your fist
It's time we love our neighbor like we love ourselves

This one thing I know is true
The change must start in me and you this time
Yeah that's right

So let's break it down one by one

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