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GREG SCZEBEL : Causin' A Commotion lyrics

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GREG SCZEBEL lyrics : "Causin' A Commotion"

I thought I was alive 'till I checked my pulse
Nothin' going on so it must be false
Read a headline ? I've been dead a longtime

Nothin' in the land could revive my kind

So I took a step out my front door

Stumbled on a stone never seen before
Opened up my heart to a love so pure
And though I don't know how, I gotta have more?

Oh it's causin' a commotion

Yea, it's stirrin' up the ocean
Ooh, some people call me crazy
If somethin' don't change

I definitely will be
Mmm, ain't nothin' gonna stop it
Well, when Heaven's gonna drop it

No more livin' on survival
Come on get on up if you feel the love revival

Now this be the love that'll wake the dead
This when it's pure get's the hungry fed
It'll make a cripple dance on his bed

This helps the victim forgive again
Well it's selfless, priceless, can't emphasize this
Quite enough my friends

And all I'm trying to say is
I'm waiting on the day

When the revival catches wind


There's a party in my heart

Ain't no stoppin' once it starts
There's a rhythm that can't be denied
Ain't just for a certain kind

Every woman, man and child
Step inside this love and you will find?


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