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GREG SCZEBEL : Ain't Got Love lyrics

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GREG SCZEBEL lyrics : "Ain't Got Love"

So you got a Lexus
And you flex this
Every single chance you get

Mr. Material, billion dollar cash flow
Everybody's favorite friend

Well, it all amounts to nothin'
If you're still missing this one thing
And they call it love

So, you're a superstar
On the Boulevard

Everybody knows your name
You're on the front page
Taking center stage

Even wrote the book on fame

Well, it all amounts to nothing

If you're still missing this one thing?


If you ain't got love
Y'ain't got nothin' at all

And if you're standing on success
You're surely gonna fall
'Till you live for justice and mercy

Love to your capacity
You ain't got nothin'
Ain't got nothin' at all, no

Well, maybe you're a volunteer

Give blood, sweat and tears
Whenever need should come your way
Not for the brotherhood

Or for the greater good
But for the resume

Well, it all amounts to nothin'
If you're still missing this one thing?



I can speak like an angel
And still have no love in me
Give all I own to the poor

But what profit will it be
If I ain't got love
Oh I gotta have love

'Cause If we ain't got love
We ain't got nothin' at all


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