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GREEN EYES : Maiane Assis lyrics

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GREEN EYES lyrics : "Maiane Assis"

I gotta tell you there's this boy
I like him so much, I want him so bad
In the beGinning it was just so hard

he had a girl so also liked him so mUch
and wanted hIm so bad as well

And now thaT she is gone
I wonder if he will ever come to me
ever come to me

Because you keep on looking at me, but one look won't chAnge a thing
Because we just chat on the net, but when we met we never say a word

I wish I could look right thRough your green eyes
So I can know the truth, Will it ever exist me and you?

I wish you just feel the same way I do because I'm falling for you

Oh my god, this boy...

I wonder if he'll ever know that I write songs 'bout him every single day
And I wonder if he hear them all
he'll ever notice that it's all about him

And I can't help myself I keeP on hoping that you'lL ever come to me
Will you ever come to me?

BecAuse I keep on looking at You, but one look won't change a thing
and we keep on chatting on the net, but whEn me met we just say a woRd

I don't know where this feeling might take me
all I know is that I keep on falling for you

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