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Great Big Sea lyrics : "Walk On The Moon"

Is it just me or a message from above
Bells are ringing, push has finally come to shove
The door before me now is opened just enough

I'm sick and tired of waiting
For dreams that never come
Like a game I never played in

And still wish that I had won

I'm Alive

Got one shot and I'm taking it to you
I'm Alive
I've come to realize not a moment too soon

This is my one small step
This is my Walk on the Moon

Don't you think their hands were
shaking as that rocket ship touched down
I'm sure they shivered

when they finally touched the ground
The giant leap so fragile
that it hardly made a sound

But it must have been amazing
What a world they got to see
So I don't care, my foolish fear

Won't get the best of me

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