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Great Big Sea lyrics : "Hard Case"

She goes down fast and comes up slow
Gets in high and goes out low
Turns up late or doesn't show

She spends all her cash on letting go

I'm never early

I'm never late
I'm in at 5 and out at 8
Running just to keep the pace

When I'm tired I put on my bravest face

The sign said "Go Slow"

And lord knows how I tried to follow
Such a hard case with a soft face
You gave me one taste,

Now look at the shape I'm in

I love her but i like you too

My worst nightmare just came true
We might be done but we're not through
So drag me down just like you used to do

Hold me down under the sea
Drag me back to where we used to be

With the morning comes the the sun
The light of day just had to come

Now I know you're not the one
Should feel bad but baby we had fun

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